February 23, 2013

Image Resizer 3 Preview 3 Update 3 Released

That's right, I just a third minor update to Image Resizer 3 Preview 3. This one fixes a bug in the context menu handler that was causing problems with some other extensions. The update also includes some community translations to French and German.

Behind the scenes, this version also puts me in a good position to start tackling the remaining features that I have scheduled for version 3.


Anonymous said...

Have installed it on 2 W7x64 PCs (both up-to-date with Windows updates) and in each case the task bar and desktop icons vanished, and I had to log out and back in to restore them.

Otherwise much faster load which is excellent.

Brice Lambson said...

@Anonymous That is strange. It might be a bug in the setup technology I'm using. Or possibly a Windows "feature" :) I'll see if I there is anything I can do about it on my end.

That is really, really good news that it's loading faster for you. I've spent a lot of time trying to address the poor loading time.

Anonymous said...

Would you let me translate image resizer in italian?

Just send me the file with the engliseh strings, I'd be glad to translate it.


if it's possible, please send a mail to chip_e_chop@hotmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brice,

I've been using Image Resizer for years. Thanks so much for continuing to work on this! You've saved me a lot of time at home and work and I really appreciate the effort you put into it. It's the best/smallest/easiest app I've found to do this quick and simply. I'm excited to check out the new version!


La Mieleria said...

Image Resizer (2?) is running ok in 64bit Windows 7 but prompts for update install. (Preview3). Kaspersky blocks update install as PDM.Trojan.generic.light image

Anonymous said...

Hi Brice,

I've been using Image resizer since I know my brain, I upgraded it twice during this time, once about 1-2 years ago and today.
What I noticed is that the latest version (v.3) generates larger jpg files than the previous version.

(I don't know how to check the version of the previous one, lucky me, both the previous and the new one are still listed in the context menu.)

So, my question is this: what changed, the compression ratio or the algorithm and why?

For e.g if I resize a 3264x2448 (5233 KB) jpg image to 1600x1200 with the previous version, I get a 260 KB size file, with the new version: 473 KB.

My other question is that my Comodo firewall has noticed, that the Image Resizer wants to go out on the Internet, why?


Brice Lambson said...


The newer version preserves more metadata about the image. There is a work item to create an option to reduce the file size as much as possible.

It accesses the internet to check for newer versions. There is a work item to make it only do this about once a week.