I’ve been thinking of a project that would be beneficial to everyone and worth my time to develop. I think I have come up with it. Anyone remember Doug? Doug was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. Every episode begins and ends with him writing in his journal.

We have been counseled many times by various people to keep a journal. Psychiatrists say that it helps us organize our lives so we can more plainly see our situation and more easily find ways to improve our lives. Family historians see them as invaluable resources to the writers’ posterity. Over the last break, I decided that I wanted to start keeping a journal. I’ve tried the old pen and paper journals before, but it never seems to get anywhere. I usually end up tearing out pages that I don’t like, and I’m often too lazy to take the time to write it all out. So, I decided I’d try keeping an electronic journal. After all, most of my life is already recorded on my computer in calendars, emails, pictures, etc.

I looked all over online, but could not find a free solution that was both intuitive and comprehensive. That’s when I decided I would make my own. I want to include things like journal entries (of course), how you feel about your day, (e.g. best day ever, worst day ever, just another day, etc.) goals made, goals accomplished, resolutions made, events, profiles of people you know, and linking so that you can link to the profiles of people or pictures or other entries, photographs. (like the day they were taken, what they were taken of, and who was in them, etc.) I think my overall goal could best be described as a wiki of your brain! I’m thinking about naming it after Doug’s best non-human friend - his dog Porkchop.

I would enjoy any feedback you have on this such as comments, feature requests, or what you may want to contribute to this project. Thank you.