• Microsoft.Data.Sqlite 3.0

    Version 3.0 of Microsoft.Data.Sqlite is available on NuGet. It was released alongside the rest of .NET Core 3.0 at .NET Conf.

  • Announcing Microsoft.Data.Sqlite 2.1

    Thanks to some amazing contributions by @AlexanderTaeschner, version 2.1 of Microsoft.Data.Sqlite turned into a feature-packed release!

  • Pluralization in EF Core

    We’ve been improving design-time extensibility in EF Core 2.1. One new feature is the ability for NuGet packages to register design-time services. As a reference implementation for how to do this, I’ve created the bricelam\EFCore.Pluralizer repo. While the repo primarily serves as a sample for anyone who wants to create design-time extensions for EF Core, anyone that uses EF Core with an existing database might find the Bricelam.EntityFrameworkCore.Pluralizer package useful.

  • SQLite & EF Core: UDF all the things!

    We recently had two community contributions for using user-defined functions (UDFs) in EF Core and Microsoft.Data.Sqlite that synergize well together. I thought I’d write a sarcastic blog post showing you how you can make everything a UDF whether or not it should be.

  • Bulk Insert in Microsoft.Data.Sqlite

    You’ve got a large set of data to import into your SQLite database, but you can’t find the bulk insert API in Microsoft.Data.Sqlite. That’s because there isn’t one! SQLite doesn’t have any special way to bulk insert data.

  • Test EF Core using SQL Server Docker images

    Some tests in the Entity Framework Core codebase require features only available on Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition or higher. Since most developers only have Microsoft SQL Server 2016 LocalDB (and even then only because it was installed by Visual Studio), it can be troublesome to run these tests.

  • Custom Migrations History Table in EF Core

    This post demonstrates the different ways you can customize the migrations history table in EF Core.

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