The word goodbye comes from a contraction of the phrase God be with you. I’m sad to announce today that I’m leaving the Entity Framework team and Microsoft. I’ve been on the team for over thirteen years. I love my job, I love the product, and I love the community. I intended to stay until the day management eventually disbanded us.

I wasn’t looking for a job, but God works in mysterious ways. He lead me to an opportunity that warranted my consideration. No, it doesn’t pay more, and it certainly isn’t more prestigious. Ultimately, I felt I was needed there for a season, so I accepted. They were generous enough to let me stay through the .NET 8 release.

The good news is they use Entity Framework. I strive to be a valuable member of the .NET open source community, and I will continue to do so. I’m excited to be working alongside you in the trenches using the product that I’ve poured my blood, sweat, and tears into. I anticipate experiencing a lot of customer empathy in the near future, and seriously questioning some of my past design decisions.

My new employer is a small, non-tech company. I’ll be working in the IT department on a team of about seven (plus or minus two). Like all good SQLite developers, we’ll live according to the Rule of St. Benedict.

Brice in a Franciscan habit outside Saint Edward's Seminary

Until we meet again, goodbye.