• Paket-like NuGet with MSBuild

    Say what you’d like about XML vs. JSON. (I like YAML) I’m still very excited about NuGet’s deeper integration with MSBuild. That’s because MSBuild is so much more than its antiquated file format. It’s an execution engine that enables you to define configuration and sets of data, transform that data, then process it using various tasks.

  • Encryption in Microsoft.Data.Sqlite

    One of the frequently asked questions about Microsoft.Data.Sqlite is: How do I encrypt a database? I think that one of the main reasons for this is because System.Data.SQLite comes with an unsupported, Windows-only encryption codec that can be used by specifying Password (or HexPassword) in the connection string. The official releases of SQLite, however, don’t come with encryption.

  • Shareable In-Memory SQLite Databases

    I recently added a feature to Microsoft.Data.Sqlite to enable shareable in-memory databases. These are in-memory databases that can be accessed by multiple connections. Just remember to keep at least one connection open or the database will disappear.

  • EF Core Migrations: The Movie

    Channel 9’s Seth Juarez had a chance to invade our team room and capture some rare footage of the EF magic unicorns in their natural habitat. I got to show some of the improvements we’ve been making to Migrations. Here’s the video.

  • SQLite on .NET Core

    One weekend back in February of 2014, I had the crazy idea to start implementing a SQLite ADO.NET provider as a portable class library. My initial goal was to better understand SQLite, ADO.NET, and unmanaged interop. I showed it to my team (the Entity Framework team), and we decided that it was strategically important to running EF on Windows Store and Windows Phone. My code eventually evolved into the Microsoft.Data.Sqlite package.

  • T4 on ASP.NET Core

    If you use Visual Studio, then you’ve probably crossed path with the Text Template Transformation Toolkit (or T4). For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a fairly straight-forward templating engine built into Visual Studio. The recent work on ASP.NET Core to enable cross-plaform web development, got me wondered what T4 might look like in this enviroment. Last weekend, I started hacking on Bricelam.TextTemplating, a T4 implementation for ASP.NET Core.

  • C# Object Notation

    JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a subset of the JavaScript language used for the definition and exchange of data. While I’m not proposing that we create a similar standard using C#, I do want to illustrate some of the rich object initialization syntax of the language. This terse syntax can come in handy when defining data for things like unit tests, templating models, etc.

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