• Git forks on SkyDrive

    The other day, I found myself carrying a USB flash drive between two of my computers so that I could continue working on some code that I had been writing. Every time you find yourself touching a USB flash drive, I want you to stop immediately, look into an imaginary camera, and exclaim, “To the cloud!”

  • Using Entity Framework 4.3 Code First with MySQL's Connector/Net

    This issue has been resolved.
    For versions 6.6.3 or newer of Connector/Net, this workaround is not required.
  • 1.9 Extensibility

    Lately, I’ve taken to using as my unit testing framework of choice for .NET projects. The API is very simple and straightforward as it tries not to re-invent concepts that are already a part of the language. For example constructors and IDisposable are used instead of some new setup and teardown feature. It also makes great use of generics and lambdas to keep its API surface to a minimum.

  • Image Resizer 3 Preview 3 Released

    I just released another version of my Image Resizer. Here’s a screenshot.

  • Image Resizer 3 Preview 2

    In case anyone missed it, I released a second preview of Image Resizer 3. I wanted to get the existing bits as stable as possible so I fixed a few bugs and created a setup bootstrapper so there is no longer separate 32-bit and 64-bit installers. The main feature I added was multi-threaded resizing so now all those powerful cores on you computer can be used for resizing.

  • Automatic Update for CodePlex Projects

    I recently implemented a check for updates feature on my Image Resizer for Windows project, and wanted to share my experience for the benefit of other CodePlex project coordinators and developers.

  • Image Resizer 3 Preview 1

    I just released the first preview of Image Resizer 3. For more details, see the link.

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